Greetings and Excellent effects of long Nopmo in my case

Dear international guests/fapstronauts,

Hi there. My name is Saoken, a Japanese thirty-xxxx year old man and the manager of this blog called “BLOG NOPMO” (the blog’s subtitle: “I will release the curse of your PMO habit”)

First of all, I would like to say thank you for visiting here.

I have been in Nofap condition since late of Nov 2013, which means that I have over 1,000 Nofap days at the moment.

And I am a fapstronaut same as you are, I used to visit while I had struggled with my Nofap challenge.

Very thanks to the and many other fapstorauts’ brave articles posted there, I can finally get the condition of Nofap now.

If there was not site, present myself and this blog would not exist.


Effects of Nopmo

I feel and realize that I have many excellent effects after my long Nopmo.

The details are as follows;

  • Excellent waking up early morning
  • Crystal clear brain
  • Strong will power, won’t power and want power (the 3W words from “The Willpower Instinct” by Dr. Kelly McGonigal of Stanford university)
  • Eye sparkling
  • Eye contacts to others
  • Sharp sense of smell
  • Silky face skin
  • Extended eyelashes (1mm)
  • Become a little popular with girls/women (especially middle aged women..)
  • Careful listening skills of other persons’ speakings
  • Straightening my back
  • No objectification to women
  • Ability of joking
  • Perseverance and Sense of accomplishment
  • Challenging new things that I have never tried before
  • many others..

..I cannot describe more effects because there are too many.


This blog mainly targets Japanese guys who are struggling with their Nofap challenges, so of course I prepare all articles of the blog in Japanese.

But if you like, you can translate the blog’s articles by Google translation function or something into English/your mother language.

I am surely confident that the blog helps your Nofap challenges.

English comments are available for me.


Thank you.



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  1. It’s great to see all these people trying to do nofap life in this world.
    it’s become so clear that nofap brings us so much good effects even if that idea is basically against the global standard of attitude for porno and masturbation.
    I hope Saokensan’s blog will be introduced to men and women who are suffering to avoid porno and masturbation around the world.

    1. I have realized that this blog has been accessed from overseas many times in the course of viewing the access analytics, so I try to write articles in English from now on.


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